Elevate Patient Care and Improve Lead Conversion
with Stream Dental

With a focus on growth, compliance, patient experience, and specialist engagement, our software will elevate your in-house specialty performance and help you achieve your business goals.

We support both in-house and external specialty referrals

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Enhanced Conversion Capture and Tracking with CRM

Accurately track and capture every referral conversion in real-time. With our integrated CRM, you will have a complete view of your referral conversion funnel

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Specialist apps for enhanced clinical collaboration

With real-time updates, secure data sharing, and easy-to-use interfaces, our apps provide a complete suite of tools for efficient and effective clinical collaboration.

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Pre + Post Op Communication

Enhance patient satisfaction and boost referral business with the click of a button. Stay informed about treatment details and reach out at the right time for follow-up.

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Robust enterprise analytics and decision support

Stream provides dental practice owners with actionable insights and data-driven recommendations to optimize referral performance. By utilizing advanced analytics and decision support, you can make informed decisions that drive growth and success for your practice.

Industry leaders trust Stream to elevate specialty performance

Whether you have one dental practice, or are a large DSO, we have your referral process covered.

Justin Puckett,
President of MB2 Dental

“Great specialty tech platform that provides immediate growth and operations improvement. The CSS team is deeply committed to building the best-in-class tech for all aspects of in-house specialty. This was a no-brainer.”

Rishi Desai,
Co-Founder of Swish Dental

“We’ve been using Stream for 2 years and have seen a significant lift in specialty revenue through the referral management CRM features, while also improving our compliance capabilities & specialist engagement.

Jennifer Goodwin,
Regional Manager of Dental Care Alliance

“The technology and dashboards Complete Specialty Solutions has designed have made the referral process and scheduling specialty procedures turnkey. It’s simple and quick for all team members. No paper or sticky notes to get lost. All referrals in one place!”

Are you a traveling specialist looking to improve your productivity?

Traveling safely, efficiently and consistently with Stream Dental.

Travel with Confidence

Travel with confidence knowing that Stream Dental has your back. Our comprehensive patient information will ensure you are never flying blind when treating a patient.

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Effortlessly Prepare for Your Next Appointment

Stream Dental streamlines your travel preparations by providing instant access to patient records, charts and all necessary information for a successful visit.

Eliminate Inconsistencies

Stream Dental ensures consistency for traveling specialists by standardizing systems across all offices for seamless communication and coordination with dental practices.

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Experience the Difference

Dr. Kamran Shaikh, Orthodontist

“As a traveling orthodontist supporting multiple high volume offices, Stream software gives me a preview of referrals to prepare for consults and same-day starts, one place to store records and ongoing treatment updates. Being able to view treatment and financial progress of all of my cases through one easy to use app gives me the transparency I’ve been looking for."

Dr. Gentry Hansen, Oral Surgeon

“When speaking to referring dentists I often hear: Has Mr/Mrs Smith come in for their consultation/treatment? This uncertainty and lack of a closed communication loop is frustrating and time consuming. Stream Dental has eliminated this problem. Referring dentists not only send their patient’s info with 100% HIPAA compliance, they receive updates on progress through their dashboard. Now the dentist knows where the patient stands from receiving of referral to the consultation to the treatment.”

Let's maximize your productivity
and earning potential.